The Water Diviner

A Long Way From Home

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The Water Diviner

It must be lonely being an Australian. For the record, the country lost more than 60,000 men in the First World War and at least 20,000 in the Second. Few outside realise that perhaps, though Australia sees its involvement as a glue that joined its disparate regions together.

One more thing for the record. Water divining is a contested method of spotting water by walking over an area with an apparatus such as a forked stick, bent rods or pendulum. In the film though, actor-director Crowe uses it less to get water and more to get to the divine.

And, how he tries. To connect Australia to Turkey. Church to mosque. Cowboy hats to colourful burqas. Turkish baths to cricket bats. Barren outback to bustling bazaars. Staid boiled egg to strong Turkish coffee. Invasions a century ago to invasions now (Says a principal character, “Don’t invade a country if you don’t know where it is”). And, most of all, a grieving, gruff father to a grieving, lovely mother.

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